The Doctoral Candidate Council

The Doctoral Candidate Council (Doktorandsektionen) is a voluntary interest-organization that gathers and represents all doctoral candidates at Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH). Our aim is to function as a forum for raising and addressing a wide spectrum of issues that concern all areas of research education at BTH. The Council is working to make the candidates’ voices heard in questions that concern postgraduate education, as well as improve the influence of doctoral candidates at BTH by supporting them in their roles as researchers, students and teachers.   All doctoral candidates at BTH are entitled to a high-quality post-graduate education. In order to achieve this we work to ensure a productive work environment, qualified supervision, a regular and reasonable income, and equal treatment of all doctoral candidates.

The Doctoral Candidate Council is an independent part of the Blekinge Students' Union (BSK). As such it has representatives in several constitutional boards at BTH, and cooperates closely with both national and international PhD candidates’ organizations. Doctoral candidates have the right to be represented in all drafting and decision-making bodies at BTH, and the council also has the right to elect representatives to the University Board, the Faculty Council, the Teacher Review Committee, the Library Council, the External Relations Council, and departmental committees. The Doctoral Candidate Council also sends a representative to the national doctoral candidate organization, Sweden's Doctoral Candidates (Sveriges Doktorander, SDok), and the doctoral candidate committee of The Swedish National Union of Students (Sveriges förenade studentkårer, SFS).

Meetings are held regularly to exchange experiences and address emerging issues such as salary negotiations, information access, and the work-situation for doctoral candidates at BTH, et cetera. An important task is to notify its members about current discussions in the different constitutional boards at BTH, as well as to enable communication among doctoral candidates. All doctoral candidates at BTH are welcome to attend and participate in our meetings. Your participation is important since you can work actively to exert an influence on issues such as those mentioned above. Please feel very welcome to join us in our future work!

The doctoral candidate council board can be contacted by emailing


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