frequently asked questions

This page contains answers to questions about Ph.D. studies and teaching at Blekinge institute of technology.

Thesis typesetting and printing

Q: Which printing company handles the printing of licentiate and Ph.D. theses?

A: No particular company is contracted by BTH regarding this matter. You are free to select the most appropriate company for your needs - just contact the BTH library for more information.

Benefits of Student Union membership

Q: If I am a PhD Student, do I receive the benefits that go along with being a member of the student union (e.g. discounted travel rates, admission to museums, etc.)

A: Yes, with some restrictions. PhD students (like all students) under the age of 26 should be studying at least 50% of the time (i.e. taking a 50% course load). PhD students over the age of 26 must take a 75% course load in order to receive the same benefits (most PhD students are 80%).

Will tuition fees for international students affect phd students?

Q: Will I, as a PhD student, have to pay anything for courses due to the coming change in tuition for international students?

A: To the best of our knowledge, No. This should be taken into consultaiton with your advisor on an individual basis as all courses should be anyway, since your advisor must approve courses and ensure funding for those courses if there is any cost

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