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Third Conference on Electronic Publishing

Redefining the Information Chain
New Ways and Voices
Ronneby, Sweden 10th - 12 th May 1999
Sponsored by:

Hosted by:
Blekinge Institute of Technology
(University of Karlskrona/Ronneby)
Baltic Institute
Programme Text
The ICCC (International Council for Computer Communications) in conjunction with IFIP (International Federation for Information Processing) is pleased to announce the Third ICCC/IFIP Conference on Electronic Publishing to be held in Ronneby, Sweden 10-12 May 1999. The title of this year’s conference is Electronic Publishing ’99 - Redefining the Information Chain - New Ways and Voices.
The conference will be concerned with electronic publishing both for specialist audiences and for the general public. There will be two parallel tracks. The first track will include case studies, presentations of projects and presentations of implemented electronic publishing in public and scholarly libraries, publishers, museums, etc. It will also include electronic provision of local community or tourist information, government information, and the like.
The second track will concentrate on technical issues such as file formats, retrieval issues, etc.

Panel Debate
There will also be two Panel Debates that we hope will engage both speakers and delegates. The themes are: "Electronic Publishing year 2010 - a global perspective: What has happened and what will happen!?" and "Electronic Publishing in the service of democracy".

A major underlying theme of the ICCC/IFIP Electronic Publishing conferences is the promotion of an ’exchange of experience’ between the participants - especially between academics researching in the area, and publishers and others with practical experience. All papers are refereed to ensure high quality.

Keynote speaker
We are particularly pleased to welcome our invited speaker: David Seaman (Founding Director of the Electronic Text Center, University of Virginia, USA)

Target audience
The Conference is aimed at anyone involved in the production, provision or use of Electronic Publishing and/or its products, or the academic study of these activities.
This includes (but is not limited to): publishers, providers of net services; providers of support services for e-publishing; information professionals; librarians; information consultants; all academics in information and publishing studies; and others with an interest in any aspect of e-publishing and the provision of public information.

A truly international Conference
We already have speakers from 16 countries and expect delegates from even more.
We have speakers from: Australia, Bosnia- Herzegovina, Brazil, Finland, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, Lithuania, Macedonia, Mexico, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Sweden, UK, and the USA

Conference language
The working language of the Conference is English.

"All delegates will receive a copy of the Proceedings which are to be published by ICCC Press. Copies of the Proceedings from the first two Conferences are also available from ICCC Press."

The Venue
The Conference is to be held in Ronneby at the Ronneby Soft Center area, where the University of Karlskrona/Ronneby and the Conference center Ronneby Brunn are situated.
The University was founded in 1989 and is located at two sites: one at Campus Gräsvik in Karlskrona and the other at Soft Center, Ronneby.

The chief focus of the University is on Information Technology (IT), our aim being to become national leaders within the field of applied IT.

We are especially pleased to be holding this Conference in Ronneby, popularly known as the heart of the garden of Sweden.

Ronneby is an old industrial and cultural town, easily accessible by air, train or car, or even by boat and is a flourishing town with a variety of beautiful environments, including forests, lakes, watercourses, parks and an inviting archipelago to the south.

Ronneby still has many reminders of the olden days when people came to drink the spa waters and amuse themselves at Ronneby Brunn, the former health resort. Today, Ronneby Brunn is a hotel/conference centre of international repute surrounded by a charming recreational park.

For more facts about Ronneby:

The Conference Fee (includes lunch/dinner/refreshments at the Conference) is 3125 SEK.

Single accommodation (single, bed and breakfast) is available at 450 SEK per night. Double room - 300 SEK/Night and person.
See ’Accommodation’ below for details. NB - All fees must be paid in advance of the Conference.

Delegates should register using the official registration form. Copies in various electronic formats can be found at this page.

The majority of delegates will be accommodated at the conference hotell Ronneby Brunn. These are single or double rooms with showers, direct-dial telephones and cable television. The complex includes restaurants and coffee lounges.

The accommodation we have reserved is limited so you are advised to Register for the Conference as soon as possible if you want one of these rooms!

For more information on the hotel:

In all cases the accommodation is ’bed and breakfast’ only and you will need to pay separately for any other meals and services not included in the conference fee.

Note: You are free to make your own accommodation arrangements if you wish. If you need help with other accomodation contact the Baltic Institute by email:

Social events
The Conference Dinner will be on the Tuesday evening (the cost is included in the Conference Fee). We hope to have other events planned for Monday evening and possibly Sunday evening (preceding the Conference) if numbers are sufficient.

General enquiries concerning the Conference should be e-mailed to:
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Enquiries concerning registration and accommodation should be mailed to:
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