L SánchezA MarínV L CentenoC D KloosC G RubioM. C Fernández Panadero

Author/s:M. Carmen Fernández Panadero
Andrés Marín López
Carlos Delgado Kloos
Carlos García Rubio
Vicente Luque Centeno
Luis Sánchez Fernández
Tony Hernandez
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Title:Mass-Customizing Electronic Journals
Email: vlc@it.uc3m.es, tony@bib.uc3m.es
Abstract:The evolution of the WWW has opened the way to putting information at the fingertips of the whole world with very little effort. As the amount of information available grows, there is an ever increasing demand for personalized information. In this paper, we present some ideas that we are developing in the project “El Periotrónico”, where we take a new approach to electronic newspapers. We are taking advantage of new Web technologies such as XML, XSL or DOM to personalize both a newspaper’s content and interface layout according to users’ preferences.
Keywords: XML; XSL; WWW; e-journalism; personalization.