Facts about BTH

Blekinge Institute of Technology, BTH, is one of Sweden´s most distinctly profiled universities, where applied IT and innovation for sustainable growth are the focus.


Top Ranked within Sustainable Growth

  • BTH is selected as the best university in Sweden within sustainable development
  • 3rd best in Europe

Top Ranked in Systems and Software Engineering

  • BTH is ranked sixth in the world and number one in the EU in systems and software engineering according to the "Journal of Systems and Software".
  • Professor Claes Wohlin has been on top-15 list over the most published researchers in the world in the field four times in the last six rankings occasions.


  • About 5,100 registered students
  • 63 % of the students are studying engineering, 9 % management, 15 % caring science, 9 % natural sciences and 4 % medicine
  • 37 % of the students are female
  • Over 20 bachelor´s level study programmes
  • Over 18 master´s level study programmes
  • 440 foreign students


  • In 1999 BTH got the right to give doctoral degrees in engineering
  • Research accounts for one-third of BTH´s activities
  • 125 doctoral students are registered within engineering
  • 15 doctoral students are registered at other higher education institutions
  • 42 professors
  • 15 doctoral level study programmes in engineering


  • 508 employees
  • Turnover: SEK 456 million

The presentation is based on information available by the end of 2013.

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