BTH consists of five different schools located at two campuses: Karlskrona and Karlshamn. All programmes offered in English are located at the campus in Karlskrona.

The School of Computing (COM)

The School of Computing (COM) focuses on research, education, and engineering within the areas of computer science, IT-security, software engineering, telecommunication and electrical engineering. COM collaborates with industry as well as the public sector. A majority of COM's senior researchers and doctoral students conduct their research in close co-operation with industry.

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School of Engineering (ING)

The School of Engineering (ING) includes the Departments of Mathematics and natural sciences, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Executive Office. ING is responsible for 17 different education programs and approximately 50 different single subject courses.

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School of Health Science (HAL)

The School of Health Science (HAL) offers health and nursing education at BTH. Major subject fields in this area include Caring and Nursing Sciences, Public Health Science, and Medical Science.

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School of Management (MAM)

The School of Management’s (MAM) programs and courses are in the fields of: business administration, economics, commercial law, education, sociology, psychology, philosophy and work sciences. MAM has a variety of programs and individual courses available at undergraduate, master's and PhD level, offered either as campus or online programmes and courses.

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School of Planning and Media Design

We are charged with the task to undertake and develop education, research and innovation. Those that charge us with this task are students, research partners and clients. We want to be a discussion partner and a development force - locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. Our driving force is that we want to have an understanding of today and build for tomorrow. Our main aim is to give our clients the best conditions for shaping their lives. In real life. The following four Departments of the School all contribute to this aim: Spatial Planning, Technology and Aesthetics, Culture and Communication and Administration and IT-support.

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