The Alumni Network

1. What is the Alumni network?

Welcome to BTH Alumni! This is a service that helps you as an alumnus (i.e. a former student of BTH) to keep in touch with BTH Alumni and your old friends and colleagues at the Institute. This presentation will show you how to sign up and how to use the alumni network.


2. Why an alumni network?

The alumni network will tell you what is going on at Blekinge Institute of Technology. But it is much more than that. After graduation, it is easy to lose touch with old friends and colleagues. The alumni network is the answer! As a member of the alumni network, you will get an e-mail message every time your contacts updates their personal details (e.g. when they move or change jobs).


3. How to become a member

To use the alumni network you first need to sign up. Once you have done this, you will have immediate access to the network.To sign up, go to the Become a member page and enter your name, e-mail address etc. The system will then send a temporary password to your e-mail address. This password will enable you to log in to the network. Your username is the same as your e-mail address.


4. Your personal information

When logging in to the alumni network for the first time, you will be asked to give some information about yourself, such as where you live and work. How much information you register is up to you, but the system will be more useful (both for yourself and the other users) the more details you provide.


5. Add users as contacts

You will now be able to add other users who you want to stay in touch with. These people are called your "contacts". They will receive an e-mail message asking them to accept you as their contact. It is up to you how many contacts you add. Because all contacts are mutual, the recipient needs to accept the contact request.


6. Privacy - what other users see

One of the key functions of the alumni network is the ability of your contacts and other users to see your personal information. The default setting is for all users to have access to all information that you register about yourself. You can customize your privacy settings on a separate page. You decide what other users see.


7. Updated information for you and your contacts

When you update your personal details in the alumni network, your contacts will get an email with the new information. In this way, your contacts will always be kept up-to-date on what you are doing and where you are. The same goes for your contacts when they update - you will get a message every time one of your contacts changes jobs or moves, for example. The alumni network will provide you with an automatically updated address book and business card collection.


8. Searching users in the network

The alumni network also has a search function that allows you to find out, for example, if someone lives in a specific country or works for a specific company. The search function will also allow you to see if you have a connection to the matching users (i.e. matches among your contacts' contacts).



9. The end

This is the last page of the presentation. You can return to the alumni network by clicking the BTH Alumni button to the left. To sign up in the alumni network, go to the Become a member page. If you have any queries, feel free to contact the BTH Alumni Coordinator at Welcome!