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Public lecture in Computer Science

Niklas Lavesson, Senior Lecturer at Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH), will give a trial lecture for appointment as a Docent. The title of the lecture is "Evaluation and Optimization of Learning Programs" and it is open to the public.

Time: Tuesday 10 May starting at 13:15
Venue: Room J1610, House J, Floor 1, BTH, Campus Gräsvik, Karlskrona

Machine learning is a scientific discipline concerned with the study of programs that evolve by learning from empirical observations and thus improve their performance at solving tasks through experience. Classification is a core object of study in machine learning and it is the problem of examining an instance of data to assign it to a category. Supervised learning is one of the most common learning paradigms in machine learning and focuses on programs that infer a function from known training data. In supervised learning, classification is approached by designing programs that generalize from instances of data with known categories. In order to generalize, some assumptions about generalization must be made and these assumptions will bias the learning program. It has already been shown that some learning programs are better than other for specific problems. Two important questions are how to know which program is the most suitable for a specific problem and how to adjust the program to make it as effective as possible. These questions are addressed by evaluation and optimization. Learning systems can be applied in many interesting areas. For example, these systems can be used in healthcare to determine whether patients should undergo surgery or treatment based on patient data.

Niklas Lavesson defended his Ph.D. thesis on December 11, 2008 and since the defense he has continued in the same basic research direction. The research project that led to a Ph.D. degree concerned analysis and development of learning systems. In parallel to this basic research Niklas Lavesson has applied learning systems to solve problems in a number of areas by leading or participating in projects within healthcare and IT security. Niklas Lavesson currently supervises two Ph.D. students in IT security together with Professor Bengt Carlsson and he is also the Coordinator of research education since 2009.

For more information, contact Senior Lecturer Niklas Lavesson via phone on +46-455-385675.

After the lecture there will be coffee and cake served in COM/ING:s coffee room. To sign up for coffee and cake, please contact Monica H Nilsson, School of Computing, no later than 6 May via e-mail or phone 0455-385842.


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