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Public lecture in software engineering

Kai Petersen, assistant professor at Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH), will give a docent lecture on Wednesday 1st of October starting at 1:00 PM at BTH, in room J1650, House J, Floor 1, BTH, Campus Gräsvik, Karlskrona.

The title of the lecture is "Action research in software engineering". The lecture is open to the public.

Reviews of literature in software engineering often highlight the lack of practical relevance of research publications. In the information systems (IS) area, a similar observation was made. To address the relevance question, action research became very popular in IS research, but is still rarely reported in software engineering. In this lecture the research method of action research is presented. The focus is on how it is defined, how it has been used in software engineering, and the experiences we made using it in our research with companies.

Kai Petersen defended his Ph.D. thesis in 2010 with a focus on lean and agile software development. After the PhD he has broaden his research interests to a wide variety of areas, such as software quality assurance, software security, software metrics, and empirical research methods. Kai Petersen is currently supervisor to two PhD students at BTH. He has over 50 publications in international journals and peer reviewed conferences. For his work on agile and lean software development, he was ranked among the top scholars based on publications in journals, and has contributed to the ranking of BTH (Chuang et al.: Assessment of institutions, scholars, and contributions on agile software development (2001-2012). Journal of Systems and Software 93: 84-101, 2014).

The lecture will be held in English.

For more information, contact Assistant Professor Kai Petersen via phone on +46-455-385877.

After the lecture there will be coffee and cake served in COM/ING’s coffee room, House H, floor 4.
To sign up for coffee and cake, please reply to this email or contact the Vice-Chancellor’s Office at , no later than September 25.

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