The event takes place:
2014-09-03 till 2014-09-04


Data is generated at an ever-increasing rate and the analysis of large data sets requires scalable and high-performance computer systems. The research project "Scalable resource-efficient systems for big data analytics"- Bigdata@BTH combines expertise in machine learning, data mining, and computer systems engineering to create new knowledge in the area of scalable resource-efficient systems for big data analytics.

The project is financed by The Knowledge Foundation with 36 MSEK during six years and 11 company partners participate in the project.The project runs from September 2014 to December 2020.

As part of the project kick-off we have invited Professor Shyhtsun Felix Wu, UC David, Dr. Geoffrey Canright and Dr. Humberto Castejon, Telenor Research, and Dr. Anders Jörnesten, The Knowledge Foundation.

If you would like to come and listen, please contact
(there is a limited number of seats).

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