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Christian Johansson's doctoral defence

Welcome to attend Christian Johansson's doctoral defence at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Blekinge Institute of Technology.

Time: Friday, 25th of April, at 10.15
Place: Rio Grande, Campus Karlshamn

Thesis title: "On Intelligent District Heating"

Research education subject: Computer Science

Opponent: Associate professor Jan Van Deventer, Luleå University of Technology

Examination committee:
·    Prof. Jan Eric Larsson, Lund University
·    Prof. Morten Lind, Technical University of Denmark
·    Associate prof. Louise Trygg, Linköping University

Deputy member: Prof. Michael Mattsson, BTH

Main advisor: Prof. Paul Davidsson, BTH

The thesis is available at:

After the defence there will be served some refreshments. Please contact Tobias Ericson ( no later than April 18 if you intend to participate.

Intelligent district heating is the combination of traditional district heating engineering and modern information and communication technology. A district heating system is a highly complex environment consisting of a large number of distributed entities, and this complexity and geographically dispersed layout suggest that they are suitable for distributed optimization and management. However, this would in practice imply
a transition from the classical production-centric perspective normally found within district heating management to a more consumer-centric perspective.
This thesis describes a multiagent-based system which combines production, consumption and distribution aspects into a single coherent operational management frame-
work. The exibility and robustness of the solution in industrial settings is thoroughly examined and its performance is shown to lead to significant operational, financial and
environmental benefits compared to current management schemes.

Organizer, personal / school / organizer:
Department of Computer Science and Engineering

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