Project Management

The course aims to give participants a basic orientation in working with projects, with special focus on project management. The basic orientation outlines different project types and project context, client relations, formulation of goals and quality assurance, administration and project economics. The focus on project management entails special attention to aspects such as; leadership in general, team composition and team leadership, learning within the project and its organizational environment.

Suggested content may be as follows:

The participants' experiences, needs, expectations and learning styles are identified and made the topic of a discussion in the group.

  • Definition of a project. What do we mean by project and how different projects can be in different contexts?
  • Why does the project exist? The client's request, role and relation to the project.
  • The project's organizational context and project stakeholders
  • Project phases. Which are universal and which are specific?
  • Project organization. Teamwork.
  • Project Finance and Project Administration.
  • Project management aspects.
  • Quality assurance and project as a learning environment.
  • Monitoring and evaluation.


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