Published 7 November 2011

Statuette ThinkingArt & Apparatus

A co-operative project between Blekinge Institute of Technology and Kulturcentrum Ronneby within the framework of the international art-project Art Line.

Art and Apparatus is a three-fold series of workshops where artists from the South Baltic region get to at first try out the technology of waterjet-cutting and 3D-modelling, and later use this technology to create artifacts. These artifacts will be exhibited at Ronneby Kulturcentrum, Sweden, on the 16th of June 2012. Some of the artifacts will as well be shown in Rostock, Germany, at the Kunsthalle Rostock. Other venues for exhibition may be added.

Hosting the technology to be experimented with are Swedish Waterjet Lab and MAD Studio. Swedish Waterjet Lab is a co-operative effort between Ronneby Region and Blekinge  Institute of Technology, the division for Engineering. The aim of the lab is to establish a sustainable waterjet-cutting industry in Sweden. MAD Studio - MAD stands for Machine Art Design - is situated at the Karlshamn campus of Blekinge Institute of Technology, offering 3D-printing and 3D-scanning technology for students and industry alike.

The second workshop

During the 17-21 October participating artists in the Art and Apparatus project, a total of eleven, came to Ronneby and Karlshamn respectively to - under the supervision of Swedish Waterjet research director Anders Jönsson, information manager Anna Harding, as well as 3D-operator Peter Bengtsson at Mad Studio and project-supervisor Kirsti Emaus from Kulturcentrum Ronneby - experiment with waterjetcutting- and 3D-modelling.

This five-day workshop was the second workshop within Art and Apparatus. Earlier during the year all participants meet on board the Stena Vision ferry where they got introduced to the theory of respective technology. The last workshop before the exhibition in June 2012 will be held in January 2012; in Ronneby and Karlshamn.

Monkeys, people and guns

In Karlshamn, artists Kordian Lewandowski, Linas Kutavicius, Magnus Peterson, Mariusz Bialeci and Sylwia Galon were given an opportunity to lay their hands on the 3D-printer and scanner. In Ronneby Alexey Chebykin, Diana Rönnberg, Izabela Żółcińska, Jakob Ingemansson, Tomasz Skorka and Ruzica Zajec prepared their art to be cut out with the aid of water and sand.

Kordian Lewandowski designed and had the 3D-printer produce a sculpture of about 20 cm in height. The sculpture is a comment on Rodin's sculpture The Thinker, and Kordian´s Thinker resembles Rodin's in every respect except in one pivotal instance. While Rodin's Thinker is a man, seated with head in hand, Lewandowski's is a monkey, or to be more precise - the monkey that appears in the classic Nintendo-game from 1981 entitled Donkey Kong.

As a comment, what does this mean? Is it simply stating that there's no vital difference between man and monkey, that Rodin's and Lewandowski's Thinker are, in every important respect, one and the same; a comment turning man into ape, or ape into man. As such tit might be said to be a political viewpoint, problematizing mankind's supposedly supreme standing in the hierarchy of nature. Or, maybe it's not a comment at all, but simply a monkey sitting down, thinking something through.

It's all, as they say, in the eye and mind of the beholder, or in this instance, safely hidden
in the mind of the monkey. In Ronneby and Swedish Waterjet Lab, Polish artist Tomasz Skorka took a plate of metal and had the waterjet cut out a shiny gun, or rather the tomography of a gun showing us a segment of its brain, which was to be the inside of this specific gun. Putting the gun to the temple of his head, Skorka is not intending to do himself any harm. He's simply letting two different minds communicate.

Apart from these two artifacts, many other thought-provoking sculptures got made using the 3D-modelling and waterjet-cutting technology.

More photographs from the workshop (link to other web site, opens in new window)

In January 2012 the last of the three workshops in project Art & Apparatus will be held in
Ronneby and Karlshamn, preceding the Art & Apparatus exhibition at Ronneby  Kulturcentrum the 16th June 2012 which will showcase the sculptures created during the workshops. If you have a chance to be there, be there.


Photo and text: Aje Björkman, Information Officer, Project Art Line












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