Published 8 September 2011

Utbildningsministern på besök på BTH Campus GräsvikMinister for Education visited BTH - in real life

On Wednesday the Minister for Education Jan Björklund visited Blekinge Institute of Technology, BTH. The minister was welcomed by the Board of Governors' Chairperson Akbar Seddigh, Vice-Chancellor Ursula Hass, the Chairperson for the Student Union Kerstin Andersson and Blekinge County Governor Gunvor Engström. During the visit the Minister also met students, prominent researchers and industry representatives. The message to the Minister was that BTH has a clear profiling and progress in research, education and innovation.

During the visit at BTH the Minister for Education was told about BTH's clear ambition to contribute to Sweden's continued industrial development from "knowledge society" into the next phase of development: "global sustainable growth".

Jan Björklund also met with BTH's front people in Software Engineering and sustainability where BTH is ranked among the top six in world; Professor Claes Wohlin and Professor Göran Broman. Double excellence (traditional academic excellence and excellence in the benefit of trade and industry and society) was demonstrated both by BTH's front people and during visits to study areas and laboratories. It is a part of BTH's clear profile that research results come to use outside the Institute.

- We work "in real life". In this way we can contribute to the development of trade and industry and society, now and in the future, says Vice-Chancellor Ursula Hass.

The Minister of Education also got living proof of BTH's international character. Upon his arrival he was welcomed by the students of the programme Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability. The programme attracts students from all over the world and students from 28 nations all wished the Minister welcome in their respective language.

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