Published 8 December 2011

Minister for Enterprise Annie Lööf and Vice-Chancellor Ursula HassMinister for Enterprise Annie Lööf visited BTH

The Minister for Enterprise Annie Lööf visited BTH on Wednesday 7 December. The visit to BTH was part of the Minister for Enterprise's "Future Travel" and Lööf met with students, staff, Vice-Chancellor's office and representatives from the business community.

To begin with, Annie Lööf had a meeting with students at BTH. Annie Lööf received her law degree just before she became Minister for Enterprise and urged the students to pursue their studies and take out their degrees even though it sometimes may feel tiresome. The students were given the opportunity to put questions to the Minister and many questions were asked. There were questions about why the government reduce BTH's allowance with some 50 million, about international students' opportunities to stay in Sweden after graduation and how Sweden will face the global competition.

In the afternoon the Minister met researchers from BTH and invited representatives from the business community in a roundup conversation. More collaboration between universities and industry is important to develop business enterprise in Blekinge, said the Minister for Enterprise Annie Lööf.

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