Published 15 September 2011

Victor Castaño Labajo won competition for the best degree projectWinner of competition for best degree project

Victor Castaño Labajo won TelecomCity's and CareerCenters' competition for best degree project.

Within the Telecom City's annual company event Catwalk11, Telecom City and BTH CareerCenter has announced a competition for best degree project 2010/2011. An aim of the competition is to shorten the distance between BTH's knowledge production and the market. Major focus in the ranking has been on the product or the concept that the degree project has or may result in. The oral presentation was also relevant.

Four degree projects were selected for a so-called elevator pitch (a short and punchy presentation of their degree projects) during Catwalk11:

Mohammad Shahid
Degree project: "On the Computational Complexity of Motion Estimation Algorithms in MPEG-4 Encoder."
Supervisor: Benny Lövström

Seyed Mohsen Ataeian and Mehrnaz Jaberi Darbandi
Degree project: "Analysis of Quality of Experience by Applying Fuzzy Logic"
Supervisors: Markus Fiedler and Elisabeth Rakus-Andersson

Víctor Castaño Labajo
Degree project: "A Framework for an Intelligent and Adaptive Planning of Rehabilitation Therapies."
Supervisor: Niklas Lavesson

Sridhar Bitra
Degree project: "Finding 3D Teeth Position by Using 2D Uncalibrated Dental X-ray Images."
Supervisor: Siamak Khabiti

After a discussion, the jury decided that the price for this year's "Student pitch" would go to Víctor Castaño Labajo, who received a statuette of glass. All the "pitches" will receive a diploma.

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