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10/18/2011 05:22 PM

Award for good student information





On 7 October 2011 the European Commission published information that Blekinge Institute of Technology, BTH, has received the European Commission's honorary appointment and quality stamp for its education information, a so called ECTS Label.

For BTH the award is an important step to further internationalize the Institute. More and more universities in Europe are starting to gain this accreditation to encourage mobility among students in Europe. Right now, BTH is one of two Swedish universities that have received this award. In Europe, there are a little more than 30 universities who have the ECTS Label.

The ECTS accreditation is proof that students get more and better information about the Institute's programmes and courses, but also about other activities all over BTH and what it is like to study at the Institute.

- We believe that better information along with the accreditation will increase interest in studies at the Institute from both Swedish and international students, says Anders Hederstierna, Pro-Vice-Chancellor at BTH.

ECTS Label

ECTS Label is an honorary distinction demonstrating excellence in applying ECTS, both in terms of information published on the institution's website and in terms of key ECTS documents for student mobility.

Diploma Supplement Label

Diploma Supplement Label, also called DS Label, is an honorary distinction showing that the institution issues the Diploma Supplement correctly in all respects.

Through these accreditations, the ECTS and DS Labels, BTH has gotten confirmation that we provide our students and partners with more and better information about the Institute’s programmes and courses and also about other activities all over BTH and what it is like to study here.

For more information, please contact Anders Hederstierna via e-mail or phone 0455-385618.


List of universities that have received the honorary distinction ECTS Label and/or DS Label (link to external web site, opens in new window)

More information about the ECTS Label (the European Commission's web page) (link to external web site, opens in new window)


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