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10/18/2011 05:51 PM

Exciting prize-winners and international character

At BTH's Academic Celebration on Friday 14 October, four Professors were installed and 10 Doctors as well as one Honorary Doctorate were conferred a Doctor's Degree. Furthermore, a prize was given to the Scientist of the Year and an award for Outstanding Teaching Efforts was presented, and the Student Union gave a prize to the Teacher of the Year.



  • Tobias Larsson
  • Mats Pettersson
  • Guohua Bai
  • Gerhard Bax


  • Tatiana Smirnova
  • Johan Holmgren
  • Charlotte Sennersten
  • Peter Giger
  • Ingrid Persson
  • Jenny Lundberg
  • Sebastian Barney
  • Wasif Afzal
  • Alexandra Petrakou
  • Maria Bäcke

Honorary Doctorate: Jeanette Blomberg, U.S.A.

Scientist of the Year: Tony Gorschek

Award for Outstanding Teaching Efforts: Alf Gummesson

Teacher of the Year: Eva Fredriksson


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