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2014-02-27  Doctors are scheduled to increase efficiency
2014-02-18  Mathematics helps cancer patients
2014-02-14  IT facilitates care in rural areas
2014-02-11  BTH welcomes 50 new Indian students
2014-02-04  Double diploma student at BTH wins award
2014-02-03  Targeting future IT security specialists
2014-01-22  Five million granted for Indo-Swedish cooperation
2014-01-14  Lawrence Henesey in World Port Development
2013-12-19  Urban planners in UN-habitat competition
2013-11-26  The use of mobile phones among elderly studied
2013-11-20  BTH’s research on elderly inspires in Japan
2013-11-12  BTH students negotiate climate agreement
2013-11-07  Top grades for Spatial Planning
2013-11-01  Apply online today
2013-10-31  BTH researcher attracts attention in India
2013-10-24  Eva Pettersson – new deputy vice-chancellor at BTH
2013-10-16  BTH students were offered paid internships at ABB
2013-10-15  New research shows, electric buses are cheaper
2013-10-08  BTH helps with strategic environmental research
2013-10-07  200 exchange students met in Karlskrona
2013-10-03  All children have a right to good math teaching
2013-10-02  IEEE Day 2013
2013-09-23  Visit from Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
2013-09-20  BTH-ruset
2013-09-20  BTH student wins Security award
2013-09-10  BTH part of a new international center
2013-09-09  BTH leads development of scientific journal
2013-09-08  Dragon boat race
2013-09-06  Global IT-company CSC visits BTH
2013-08-30  Campus festival
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