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Open lectures at BTH


The following open lectures were given at BTH on Thursday October 11 at campus Gräsvik in Karlskrona

On this link you can watch all lectures live.

Professor Emilia Mendes: What a tangled effort estimation web we weave! How can knowledge management disentangle this web?
A cornerstone of software project management is effort estimation, the process by which effort is forecasted and used as basis to predict costs and allocate resources effectively, so enabling projects to be delivered on time and within budget. Effort estimation is a very complex domain where the relationship between factors is non-deterministic and has an inherently uncertain nature, and where corresponding decisions and predictions require reasoning with uncertainty. This lecture will provide an overview of the field of project management, focusing on Effort Estimation, discuss previous work in this area, and detail a way in which the use of knowledge management techniques can effectively help Information Technology Organisations improve their effort forecasting.

This lecture was given in English.

Professor Jana Revedin: The radiant city - innovative tactics of urban renewal in unplanned settlements.

Today, half of the world’s population lives in urban areas. And the major part of the population in developing countries lives in so called “informal” (more precisely: un-planned, but not at all without form) settlements, which are miles away from commoditised western standards, but which produce a multiplicity of surprisingly creative and participatory solutions for achievable, sustainable and very human development. Thus:  urbanity seems not to be “zonable” as predicted by the International Style.

This research on the unplanned and radicant city aims to include the scientific multidisciplinarity found at BTH. Jana Revedin will illustrate her actual case study in Cairo´s Zabbaleen Garbage Collectors District where, together with local partners. The development project is run by the LOCUS Foundation Paris in partnership with the Egyptian NGOs EQI and APE, the Coptic Church Moqattam and Ain Shams University Cairo.

This lecture was given in English.

Professor Jürgen Börstler:
Software Quality - what is it and can we measure it?

This lecture was given in Swedish.

Professor Markus Fiedler: Network services’ quality,
economy and sustainability – part of an (im-) possible equation?

This lecture was given in Swedish.


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