11/09/2012 03:06 PM

New cooperation agreement with Chinese university

Zhejiang University of Technology

On November 9, a unique agreement has been signed between BTH and Zhejiang University of Technology, ZUT. The agreement includes that BTH will hold courses within Software Engineering at ZUT. The courses will take place in Hangzhou, China. BTH’s commission will start autumn 2013 when two courses will be given. In 2014 BTH will hold seven courses in China, and in 2015, 10 courses.

Zhejiang University of Technology has chosen BTH because of our high ranking within Software Engineering. BTH is ranked number 6 in the world in Systems and Software Engineering based on publications in 2004-2008. Based on his publication records, one of our professors within systems and software engineering has been ranked among the 15 most published researchers in the world in this field four times.

Contract signing

Contract signing by Mr. Mei Xin-lin, Chairman of University Affairs Committee, ZUT and Ms Ursula Hass, Vice –Chancellor, BTH


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