02/23/2012 11:12 AM

Two heroes “in real life”

The dog GaspikeAwake and alert – the dog Gaspike.

Late on Tuesday night Meysam Tahmasebi, a student at BTH, took his usual evening walk with the dog Gaspike. The dog indicated that he felt the scent of something at the water’s edge and Tahmasebi discovered a woman in the water. Tahmasebi pulled the woman out of the cold and icy waters and tried to keep her warm until emergency services arrived.

Thanks to Gaspike’s attention and Tahmasebi taking action, emergency services could quickly come to the place and bring the woman to the hospital.

Vice-Chancellor Ursula Hass honoured Meysam Tahmasebi and his dog Gaspike for their heroic deed by handing over a gift from BTH.

Meysam Tahmasebi is a student at the School of Engineering at BTH in Karlskrona. Gaspike is a mix of German shepherd and a herding dog breed.

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