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New student at BTH?

Information for new arriving international students

We welcome you to Sweden and to BTH! As international students at BTH you will have the opportunity to further pursue your studies in a successful way and also make new friends and experience the Swedish way of life!

When arriving to BTH all new students are expected to visit the Student Centre for general and practical information concerning studies at our Institute. Student Centre is placed in the red house D of Karlskrona campus; this building is also called “Länken”, the Link.

We would like to direct you to visit our website New student - getting started Link to extrnal website, opens in new window which will also supply you with useful information to get a good start of your studies at BTH.

Registration for a course/programme you have been admitted to

All students who have been admitted to a course or a programme and have received a student account are advised to register by themselves in the Student’s Portal Link to external website, opens in new window.

Welcome meeting

Monday September 17, 2012 at 18:00 a welcome meeting will be arranged for all new campus students of BTH. The meeting will be held in Multisalen in house J.

Introduction week by the Student Union

The Student Union will arrange an introduction week for all new students of BTH, starting September 1. Please find more information on the Student Union’s website Link to external website, opens in new window.

Student accommodation

As soon as you have received your residence permit for studies in Sweden you can apply for your accommodation. On the following link you can find information about housing possibilities in Blekinge.
Student accommodation

Once again we would like to wish you a very welcome to BTH and a pleasant stay at our Institute!

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