03/30/2012 02:20 PM

BTH ranked high by students

Focus presents a ranking based on students' own preferences. Of 23 Swedish universities, BTH is placed high in several of the classes of student life, employability and of internationalization.

Students find it easy to find housing (place 3 of 23), the campus towns are inexpensive cities to live in (2/23), and there are plenty of recreational opportunities (4/23).

BTH has much international collaboration (4/23) and we are the university with the highest proportion of international students (1/23). At BTH, there is a large ratio of teacher-led instruction (11/23) and there are plenty of BTH-staff outside teaching (5/23).

The students mean that after completing a degree at BTH, it is fairly easy to get a job (15/23) and they get a high salary (8/23).

Link to Fokus’ university ranking (in Swedish only) (link to other website, opens in new window)

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