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Artificial intelligence

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Lecture on Artificial Intelligence with Dr. Johan Hagelbäck

On Tuesday 14 February, the students who attend the course Behaviours and Game-Play for Game were informed about Dr. Johan Hagelbäck’s experiences on artificial intelligence.

In the morning Hagelbäck talked about the challenges in games and artificial intelligence rather generally and non-technical. Artificial intelligence, architecture with a focus on RTS games, and his StarCraft project and potential field or path-finding algorithm A Star.

During the afternoon, students and teachers were challenged to try to determine what should be done in the game StarCraft. The idea was to create their own so-called script, for example to build different mix of units and buildings in the game. In StarCraft there are finished script that directs the characters reactions and control different behaviours. This, one must be able to influence with one’s own script.

Concepts such as script files, workers, squads, expansion and command centre are flying through the air in Arkham, one of the lecture halls in Campus Karlshamn. It is not always easy to understand what they mean when a group of students are focused in front of their computers and use these expressions. Hopefully, they got script together that could affect what they wanted done in the game before the day was over.

Some, who did this, were in all cases Fredrik Gullbrandson and Kalle Wirén (teachers at Digital Games) who won the afternoon's challenge - even over Dr. Johan Hagelbäck.
Not bad to beat today's lecturer against his own StarCraft-bot.

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