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Telling the Baltic

Telling the Baltic workshopTelling the Baltic – new perspectives on art and storytelling.

Telling the Baltic is a storytelling-project carried out within the framework of the international art-project Art Line. Starting 2011, stories have been sought from those who travel the sea for holiday or work. The stories have been gathered in a public cross-border archive, and form the raw-material for artists who use them as inspiration when creating art-works which be exhibited in 2012 and 2013 in Baltic locales.

During the two week workshop, starting March 5th, select artists will be in Karlskrona at BTH, Campus Gräsvik, to attend a workshop arranged by the Department of Culture and Communication at Blekinge Institute of Technology. This period signifies the starting point of turning the gathered stories into artworks. The workshop lasts until 16 March, and workshop-coordinator is Lissa Holloway-Attaway, senior lecturer and researcher at the Department of Culture and Communication (

Past, Present and Future

The Baltic Sea and its surroundings comprise a natural and multi-layered story that can reveal itself in countless forms, all depending on how and where one chooses to look and to investigate its many depths and surfaces.

Beginning in early 2011, Lissa Holloway Attaway, Pirjo Elovaara and Talan Memmot of the Department of Culture and Communication at Blekinge Institute of Technology, along with independent videographer Martin Arvebro, began their research into the Baltic sea as a site for collecting stories. They met up with sea-dwellers at the island of Sturkö, south of Karlskrona; they met up with chefs, bartenders, captains and other crew members on board the Stena Vision ferry travelling between Karlskrona and Gdynia, as well as on the much smaller Aspö commuter ferry. They also gathered stories from the landscape itself around the Baltic region, using video and photography to document it. On the other side of the Baltic, Laznia Centre for Contemporary Art in Poland, NCCA Kaliningrad in Russia, Nida Art Colony in Lithuania and Kunsthalle Rostock in Germany  also gathered their stories, each using different methods and collecting unique perspectives.

This pool of different narratives, in video, audio, and in photo format will be presented to the International artists from the Southern Baltic region gathering at Campus Gräsvik. The artists will use the stories as inspiration to create art works to be included in a touring exhibition held in Baltic locations during 2012 and 2013. The tour begins in June 2012 at the Blekinge Museum in Kalrkskrona. This (re-)telling of Baltic stories in artistic form offers new perspectives on what the Baltic is for many, and what it might be for others to come.

On Monday 5 March from 14.30 and Tuesday 6 March, from 15.00 to 17.30 participating artists will present themselves and their varied art practices for 15 minutes each, followed by a general discussion. These presentations will be held at Campus Gräsvik, room C 313A and are open to the public.

Participating artists are: Anna Brag (SE), Astrid Göransson (SE), Anna Steller (PL), Anna Zaradny (PL), Henrik Lund Jörgensen (DK/SE), Irma Stanaityte (LT), Iwona Zając (PL), Johan Thurfjell (SE), Jurgita Remeikyte (LT)), Katrin Roeber (DE), Łukasz Szałankiewicz (PL), Paetrick Schmidt (DE), Patrycja Orzechowska (PL) and Rikard Fåhreus (SE).

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