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From Cameroon, through BTH to the German Aerospace

From Cameroon, through BTH to the German Aerospace Center

Akoto Chama Leonel

Akoto Chama Leonel had been studying at the MSc Mechanical Engineering from 2009 to 2012. During the spring term 2012 he attended a work placement at the German Aerospace Center, Braunschweig, Germany through the Erasmus mobility programme. After finishing the work placement he was offered a job position in the same company as an engineer in the Institute of Flight Systems. The following is his description and experiences of his participation in the Erasmus mobility programme.

“All the way from Cameroon to Sweden and finally to Karlskrona in the pursuit of dreams, has been an accomplishment of a life time. Amongst many opportunities I had from Blekinge Institute of Technology, the study abroad and work placement opportunities within the Erasmus program have been the best in terms of discovery of new hemispheres in my education and cultural diversity.

The just ended work placement carried out at the Department of Helicopters, Institute of Flight Systems, German Aerospace Center, Braunschweig, Germany, gave me an edge in cutting edge technology thanks to the Erasmus program, BTH and the German Aerospace Center. Not only was this enriching academically and professionally but also did I have the opportunity to discover Germany, make new friends, and add a new language to my vocabulary while at the same time discovering the German culture.  

Living in a student community during this time, allowed me to get to know more students while making new friends. My work environment was mostly made up of young and dynamic individuals who were very warm, welcoming, full of inspiration and very sociable. It was a perfect blend of people dedicated to their professions, while at the same time very outgoing. I really did enjoy working with them, most especially as I was working on challenging problems which was accompanied by short breaks for coffee or cake in the “Tea Kitchen”

Above all I consider this work placement program the perfect introduction into industry which resulted in a job offer in the same company as an engineer in the Institute of Flight Systems.
From helicopters (during the work placement), I will next be working on Fixed Wing Aircrafts, in the Department of Safety Systems and Systems Engineering. Without the Erasmus program this would have been a very long shot. It is my pleasure to encourage every student who wants to take on the Erasmus program to go for it, as it is very rewarding and second to none.” 

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