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Participated in the BTH Student Mirror - won iPad

Winner Krzysztof Barela and Blekinge Student Union Chairman Kerstin AnderssonAt the beginning of the term, the survey Student Mirror was conducted among the programme students at BTH. All respondents also participated in the competition for an iPad, which was won by Krzysztof Barela from Poland.

Krzysztof Barela, who is studying Electrical Engineering, will soon have completed his education but hope to get a job and stay in Sweden.

He has really enjoyed his time at BTH, where he studies a so-called "double diploma", and thinks that everybody is and has been very helpful which makes life "easy going".

During the six months that Krzysztof Barela has been here, he has tried to pick up some Swedish. "Lagom" (a word meaning something like “adequate”) is an important word to know, he says, laughing.

Lately, he has sent off lots of job applications to various companies in Sweden. The dream is to work in a smaller company - perhaps in the Växjö region. If he gets the opportunity to stay in Sweden, he might increase his Swedish vocabulary a bit.

He has not had much free time as his passion is just "Electronics" but that Blekinge is both sunny and green is something he also has appreciated during his time at BTH.

Krzysztof Barela was presented with the iPad by the Blekinge Student Union Chairman Kerstin Andersson.

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