02/06/2016 02:33 PM

Benefits of new digital data transmission methods

On Friday 16 December Muhammad Gufran Khan will defend his doctoral thesis on the subject Telecommunications at BTH. The thesis is entitled "On Modulation and Detection Schemes for Low-Complexity Impulse Radio UWB  Communications" and Faculty Examiner is Dr. Buon Kiong Lau, Lund University.

The thesis deals with methods of communication based on ultra wideband impulse radio (IR-UWB). Impulse radio is a digital communications technology which means that trains of nanosecond pulses carries digital data over a very wide bandwidth, several GHz. This means of communication is therefore in contrast to the traditional so-called narrow-band communication methods.

By limiting the transmission power, but spreading the impact over a very wide frequency spectrum, you achieve advantages such as high time resolution for positioning applications, coexistence with existing communication systems, low power consumption and simple uncomplicated sending and receiving structures.

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