FAQ BTH Scholarships

The following are frequently asked questions concerning the scholarships offered by BTH. All details regarding the scholarship process for scholarships offered by the Swedish Institute can be found on their website.

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Before you apply

What does the BTH scholarship cover?

BTH scholarship covers only the tuition fee in part. Note that this scholarship does NOT cover your living expenses!

When am I eligible to apply for a BTH scholarship?

You are eligible to apply for a BTH scholarship if you are:

- applying for a BTH campus based programme or single subject course
- you are required to pay a tuition fee

When am I NOT eligible to apply for a BTH scholarship?

You are not eligible to apply for BTH scholarship if you are exempted of paying the tuition fee.

During the scholarship selection process

Can I wait for the scholarship before paying the application fee?

NO! Application fee must be paid in time in order to be considered for a BTH scholarship.

When will I find out if I have been awarded BTH scholarship?

You will receive a message on your Notification of Selection results from Universityadmissions.se. Also, the results will be shown on the BTH Scholarship web page.

After receiving the BTH scholarship

How is the scholarship paid out?

The scholarship is awarded as tuition reduction. E.g. if you are awarded a 50% scholarship, you will only have to pay 50 % of your tuition fee.

When is the scholarship paid out?

Since the tuition fee must be paid in advance of each term, the tuition reduction will be calculated for each installment. The requisition for the remaining tuition fee is issued before the start of your next term.

How do I pay my tuition fee/remainder of my tuition fee?

All installments have to be paid by bank transfer, according to the instructions on your requisition.

Who can pay my tuition fee/remainder of my tuition fee?

Anyone can pay your tuition fee for you  - a family member, a friend, a sponsor. The important thing to remember is that they need to include your application number on their payment so we know who the payment concerns.

How do you know I have paid my tuition fee?

When our bank receives your payment, we cross-check your application number on your payment.

All questions regarding BTH scholarships should be addressed to tuitionfees@bth.se


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