Blekinge Institute of Technology has two campuses, one in Karlskrona and one in Karlshamn. Both cities are placed on seaside, which signifies lovely views and a varying climate; good chances for water activities in the summertime but cold and windy winters.


Students must Apply for accommodation

You can apply for accommodation as soon as you have received your residence permit.Housing

Both Karlskrona and Karlshamn, have limited amount of accommodation and all students must apply for housing by themselves. You can only apply for housing after you have obtained your residence permit, but please note that most students arrive at approximately the same time so make sure you apply for housing as soon as you can.

NOTE!  BTH is not responsible for arranging a student's accommodation. It is student's own responsibility to make arrangements for his/her housing. We strongly recommend all students to organize their accommodation before their arrival to BTH.

Link to Accommodation agencies

Residence Permit

You can find all necessary information about how to apply for a residence permit on the Swedish Migration Board's webside.

Migration Board's website Link to another website, opens in new window

Please note that you have to apply for a residence permit on your own. Any questions regarding the process must be directed to the Swedish Migration Board or the Embassy in your country. BTH does not have any influence over other authorities' work.

Instructions on how to apply for accommodation can be found on the accomodation agencies' websites.

Student apartments

Depending on availability, you can choose to live by yourself or in a shared student apartment where you will have your own room but share a bathroom/toilet and a kitchen.

Student apartments can be furnished or unfurnished. Furnished apartments are let with basic furniture of bed, sofa, kitchen table, desk, chairs, etc, but there are no blankets, pillows, sheets, towels or light bulbs. In every student apartment you will find a kitchen sink, a stove, a fridge and a freezer. However, some utensils may be available in the communal kitchen but you will usually have to bring your own plates, cutlery, pots and pans, etc. These can be bought cheap at Second hand stores.
A laundry room is usually placed on the ground fool of each apartment house. Some, but not all of the student apartments can have Internet, electricity and cable TV are included in the rent.

Many students prefer to live in a student dormitory. This can be an enjoyable experience as it gives students from around the world an opportunity to get to know each other and make friends. Some dormitories can have 10-15 single rooms in each corridor. A kitchen is shared by 4-15 students. Female and male students live in the same corridor. Often there is also a communal television room. A single room must not be occupied by more than one person - a rule which is strictly enforced. Students are responsible for cleaning their own rooms and the communal kitchen.





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