Interviews with current BTH students

Irma TalovicName: Irma Talović
Age: 31
Home school/university: Faculty of Technical Sciences (Department of Architecture), University of Novi Sad
Home country: Serbia
The programme at BTH: Master's Programme in European Spatial Planning and Regional Development

Why did you choose to study at BTH? For someone who is interested in sustainability and planning, Sweden - the country that could be an example when it comes to sustainability, be it environmental, economical or social - is the natural choice for studies. While searching for the best university for my studies I discovered BTH - a University with excellent ratings within sustainable development, both in Sweden and in Europe.

That fact made the decision very easy! I applied for the programme and I was very happy when I got admitted. And Swedish Institute had another very pleasant surprise for me: they have chosen me to be one of their scholarship holders, which made my moving to beautiful city of Karlskrona easier.

What do you think about your programme/education? One of the most interesting things about the programme is that there are students from all over Europe. We get to know each other, form bonds, discover things about other European countries we did not know, about legislation, systems, cultures - and all that while learning about integration, cohesion and spatial planning in Europe. The programme has just started, but I can't wait to see where all the dialogue during group work will lead us.

What is your impression of BTH so far? In a word: warm and welcoming. The school buildings are wonderful and very pleasant to spend time in and around. And since the whole complex is located at the seafront it gives the place special charm and qualities. You can see the water from most of the rooms, so while you are learning you can instantly charge your batteries just by looking through the window.

But the thing that struck me the most were relations between university staff and students. Everyone is very helpful and friendly. The professors have the informal approach to the students which, in my opinion, contributes to healthy and inspiring work atmosphere and learning itself more efficient, no matter how hard the subjects are. I get the feeling that all of us studying here will enjoy our studies, and that BTH and Karlskrona will mark our lives in very positive way.

When I see the international environment here at BTH I think I can expect an exciting year during which I will learn a lot about different cultures, but also about myself.

What are you doing in five years?
Well, that was easy one for the last question: hopefully I am practicing a profession related to water management, and I think studies at BTH will be very important step toward that profession.

Sololomon Ibrahim AfeworkName: Sololomon Ibrahim Afework.
Age: 34 years
Home school/university: Adama Polytechnic College
Home country: Ethiopia
The programme at BTH: Digital culture and communication

Why did you choose to study at BTH and w
hat do you think about your programme/education? I found that people in my country have luck of genuine and accurate information and communication and luck of strong sources of information in all aspects. The communication between the institutes and the individuals should be much better developed through the social media. So I found Digital culture and communication programme at BTH that hopefully will educate me to be a communicator between people and introduce my country in all aspects for the rest of the world and establish collaboration and integration as a communicator through very well established center of information and media.

What is your impression of BTH so far?
I am satisfied that I found BTH as the only school offering the courses that meet my interest.

I believe I will be successful communicator

What are you doing in five years?
During this five years that I have in the future, planned to study in BTH and accomplish my vision and goals.

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