Money and Living Cost

All students studying in Sweden are responsible for financing their own housing, food, books, etc. Every student needs to have SEK 73,000 per year to be able to stay in Sweden. More information can be found on the Migration Board's webpage.

Migration Board's webpage about studying in Sweden Link to external website, opens in new window

You may also need to cover tuition fees (see Tuition Fees and Payment).

You may apply for a BTH scholarship which covers the tuition fee in part or in full. However, a BTH scholarship does not cover your living expenses. For more information about BTH scholarhips, please visit the following link:

BTH scholarships

Possibility to open a bank account in Sweden

You may open a Swedish bank account, but there are some restrictions and the process of applying for a bank account usually takes time. That is why we strongly recommend all students to bring a VISA or MasterCard from their home country when coming to Sweden. Please visit BTH's Student Centre upon arrival for more information.

Traveller's cheques are not accepted by Swedish banks

Swedish bank offices do NOT accept any traveller's cheques. Thus, we recommend that you use alternative ways of bringing money when you come to Sweden. Here are some recommendations:

  • Visa or MasterCard from your home country
  • TravelCard which can be reloaded from your home country, and used in ATM machines and in shops in Sweden

Cost of Living

Every student needs to have 7.300 Swedish Crowns/month for 10 months of the year to be able to stay in Sweden. Here is an estimated budget for what your money should cover:

Rent:                       3.000

Food:                      1.500

Course literature:      800

Hygiene:                    400

Leisure:                     500

Clothes:                     700

Phone:                       400


Total:                      7.300 Swedish crowns

Note that you must also have a valid health insurance!

More details about cost of living in Sweden you will find on the following link:

Study in Sweden - Cost of Living  Link to external website, opens in new window



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