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Student unions, formed to represent the academic interests of their members, may be found at every university and university college in Sweden.

The role of the student unions with focus on Blekinge student union

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The Blekinge student union (Blekinge studentkår), is an organization by students, for students. They make sure to represent the social and academic interests of their members and play an active role in shaping the education at all levels within the university. The student union has a few social committees that have the responsibility
to manage the student pubs and discos.

The student union is run entirely by active students. Membership of the student union is optional. The fee is 300 SEK for one term regardless of how many or few credits you may study during that period. By becoming a member you have no obligation to take part in everything the student union does, however you recognize the importance
of student influence at the university and you show your support towards such a cause.

As a member you have the right to attend the student union’s board meeting, representative assembly and other gatherings related to the student union. You have the right and chance to get nominated to a position within the student union, should you wish to make a difference. As a member you have the privilege to send in motions regarding what the student union should work towards, opinions they should carry with them and how their organization should look.

The student Union at BTH is located on the second floor of the J-building

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