BTH Grants Office


BTH Grants Office provide advisory services, project development, and education related to financing for research and development.

We work with the EU's framework programmes, as well as with other relevant programmes and initiatives on national and international level.

We also cooperate with the business community and the public sector in the county with respect to research and development projects.

Information on the BTH rules and process for submitting proposals for external funded projects is currently available only i Swedish.

You find information and related documents at:
Ask Grants office or a collegue if you need help with understanding of the documents.

If you want to participate in a project proposal that is submitted via Participant Portal (this applies, for example all projects in Horizon 2020 and projects under ERASMUS +) you need to have a 9-digit Participant Identification Code (PIC) that is the unique identifier of your organisation and is be used as a reference by the Commission in any interactions. All organisations have only one PIC. It must be validated.

PIC for BTH is: 999589172

Organisations with a valdated PIC have appointed a LEAR, Legal Entity Appointed Representative. It is only the person who is appointed LEAR that can change the basic information related to the PIC code.

LEAR for BTH is Eva-Lisa Ahnström, Grants Office.


Research funders mandates for Open Access:
See the Librarys information about Open Access and mandates for publications in external funded projects

If you have any questions about financing for research and development projects, contact:

Eva-Lisa Ahnström
Senior Project advisor
Grants Office
Communication Department
Phone +46 (0)455-385243
Mobile +46 (0)709-728720

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