What we do

 Information & business intelligence

  • - We inform about EU financing programmes that are relevant for Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH).
  • - We respond to inquiries and monitor the news relating to EU research funding.
  • - We arrange lectures and training programmes relating to EU programmes for research and development, how to run transnational projects, how to write EU applications, etc.

Counselling & assignments

  • - We follow projects from concept to completion and participate in the process as advisor and sounding board.
  • - We provide advisory services during concept development, partner search and the application process.
  • - We provide advisory services about financial management and reporting in cooperation with the business department.
  • - We carry out various types of assignments; for example, we can find the right contact persons in Brussels, present project proposals to the EU commission and arrange visits in Brussels.

News by e-mail:

We offer updates with respect to project financing. Our mailing list provides you with ongoing information about research programmes, application opportunities, relevant events within the EU, etc. You receive our newsletter directly in your e-mail inbox. Let us know if you would like us to monitor any areas that are of special interest to you.

Go to Newsletter by e-mail to read previous newsletters and subscribe to our mailing list. (NOTE! The newsletter is currently only available in Swedish, but links in it concerning conferences and calls often refer to English sites)

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