Navigating the jungle of funds, grants and subsidies is not always an easy task. Here is a list of links that can help you find financing for your project. Use the list as a shortcut to those sources you already know about, or browse through them to find new sources. The list is primarily divided into geographic areas covered by the financing programmes and you can reach the different parts by clicking on the headings below. Under "Other" you will find general assistance, guides etc.

Note: This list is far from complete; let us know about links you think should be included.


Regional project funds

Region Blekinge handles project funds for regional development in Blekinge. Priority areas are specified in the Regional Growth Programme.

Regional fund for competitiveness and employment in Skåne Blekinge 2007 - 2013 

Nutek administers the regional fund.

General information about the fund

Click to visit Skåne-Blekinge website with priority areas, current calls for proposals and information about the application and reporting processes.

See also:

Administrative rules for the EU's structural fund programme for 2007-2013


Social Fund 

The Social Fund offers opportunities to apply for funding for activities that strengthen the individual in the labour market and contribute to growth and increased employment.

There is a national plan, with regional plans based on the national plan.

The regional plan in our area is for Skåne Blekinge.

General information about the fund

Click to visit Skåne-Blekinge website with priority areas, current announcements and information about how to apply and report.

Sparbanksstiftelsen Kronan

This foundation offers grants to support regional development: business sector, research and education in Kronoberg and Kalmar Counties as well as parts of Blekinge and southern Halland.

NOTE: Beginning Nov. 5, 2008: No new grants will be approved temporarily due to the financial situation. New grant rounds are expected to resume when conditions so permit.





National financiers

Mainly grants

Swedish Foundation for International Cooperation in Research and Higher Education, STINT


Swedish Institute


Wenner-Gren Foundations

Supports international scientific work


Handelsbanken research foundations

The purpose of the foundations is to support research in the social sciences, particularly in economic history, economic geography, business administration, national economy and econometrics.

Primarily personal grants.


Research projects and in some cases also grants

Axel and Margaret Ax:son Johnsons Foundation


The Swedish National Energy Administration


Swedish Research Council for Environment, Agricultural Sciences and Spatial Planning (FORMAS)


Swedish Council for Working Life and Social Research


Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA)


Knowledge Foundation (KK-stiftelsen)


Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation


Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences (KVA)




Swedish Environmental Protection Agency

NordForsk (NorFa)

Coordinates and finances Nordic research


Bank of Sweden Tercentenary Foundation


Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research (SSF)


VINNOVA, Swedish Agency for Innovation Systems


VR, Swedish Research Council

EU research programmes

Cordis database

The EU Commission's website for information about research and development (7th framework programme, FP7). Contains all research programmes.


European Programmes at Vinnova

Swedish contact point for information about research and development, 7th framework programme, FP7, CIP, Marco Polo, EUREKA, COST. Information provided about EU research programmes.


Europe's Information Society portal

Portal for ICT within the EU. This site presents various EU programmes with a focus on ICT. You will find policy documents and information about announcements, conferences and completed and current projects.

European Union On-Line, the EU's web portal


Researcher mobility

Note: For information about Researcher Mobility, individual grants, please see the special Marie Curie site within FP7:

Researcher mobility


Erasmus Mundus offers opportunities for international postgraduate education programmes:

Erasmus Mundus 2009 - 2013

Partner search

The best way to find partners is to go through established networks. Sometimes additional partners may be needed; this can be approached in several ways. Read about some of them at:

Vinnova website for finding partners

Background material

Policy areas, subjects within the EU


Green papers

Green papers are discussion papers published by the Commission on a specific policy area. Primarily they are documents addressed to interested parties - organisations and individuals - who are invited to participate in a process of consultation and debate. In some cases they provide an impetus for subsequent legislation.


White papers

White papers are documents containing proposals of Community action in a specific area. They sometimes follow a green paper published to launch a consultation process at European level. While green papers set out a range of ideas presented for public discussion and debate, white papers contain an official set of proposals in specific policy areas and are used as vehicles for their development.

Other EU programmes


The INTERREG programmes are part of the EU's structural funds just like the Regional and Social Fund. The Interreg programmes involve cooperation with other participants within the EU. There are three sub-programmes, A, B and C, which cover different large geographical areas. Here is the information about the areas that involve Blekinge:

INTERREG IV A South Baltic Sea



(Blekinge is what is known as a 20% area)






INCO, International cooperation

EU programme for research cooperation with countries outside the EU


International Programme Office

The International Programme Office is the Swedish national point for the EU's programme for lifelong learning. The office provides support to schools, universities, businesses, organisations and individuals for participation in international cooperation. Covers all education from preschool to college, including lifelong learning programmes for adults. About 30 different financing programmes are available.


Culture 2007-2013

Provides grants to cultural cooperation projects in all artistic and cultural fields (performing arts, plastic and visual arts, literature, heritage, cultural history, etc.)

Contact persons at the Swedish Arts Council and the National Heritage Board provide assistance during the proposal phase; see

Calls and guidelines at                                                                 


Life+ (2007-2013)


Cofinances environmental initiatives in the European Union and certain third countries bordering on the Mediterranean and the Baltic Sea, and in those EU candidate countries that have decided to participate. Swedish contact point; Swedish Environmental Protection Agency,


Public Health (2003-2008)

The new programme is based on three general objectives: health information, rapid reaction to health threats and health promotion through addressing health determinants. Activities such as networks, coordinated responses, sharing of experience, training and dissemination of information and knowledge will be inter-linked and mutually reinforcing. The new programme also builds on experience acquired in the international context, in particular cooperation with international organisations such as WHO and the Council of Europe.




European Science Foundation, ESF

The ESF is an organisation with 77 member organisations in 30 countries. In Sweden the Swedish Research Council is the coordinating party for ESF, a European association and a forum that promotes the exchange of information and discussions on research policy. ESF provides grants for various types of research cooperation and also formulates recommendations and carries out studies relating to research policy.


Humboldt Foundation

German foundation, research cooperation, grants, awards


INCO, International cooperation

EU programme for research cooperation with countries outside the EU.


International Federation of University Women


International Foundation for Science


National Institutes of Health


National Science Foundation




Nordic Africa Institute


Nordic Project Export Fund (NOPEF)

NOPEF approves loans and grants for Nordic enterprises for research costs related to export projects and establishing operations abroad. Projects must be located outside the EU and EFTA area.

Nordic Council and Nordic Council of Ministers


Swedish Fulbright Commission

Educational Exchange USA - Sweden


Swedish Research Links

SIDA provides financing, administered by the Swedish Research Council


The Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation


The Japan Foundation


UNESCO Fellowship


World Bank, Grants




 Din guide till EU-stöd (Your guide to EU support, in Swedish)

Thematic guide with descriptions of several EU programmes.

Din guide till EU-stöd, html version

Din guide till EU-stöd, pdf-version

Contact the Office for Contract Training and Projects, Eva-Lisa Ahnström,                              , if you would like to have the guide in book format.


The newsletter is a good way to stay up to date in your field. The various programme websites often offer an opportunity to subscribe to newsletter mailing lists. We issue a newsletter with a focus on areas of particular interest to Blekinge Institute of Technology. Choose Newsletter, archive with newsletters in the left margin on this page and subscribe.

You can receive daily news about the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) in excellent daily news bytes if you subscribe with the IPR Help desk


Interinstitutional style guide, EU

The EU publications office has an interinstitutional style guide that provides useful information about writing rules, abbreviations, official names of EU institutions and bodies, etc.


EU glossary

The glossary contains EU terms as well as European Union institutions and activities.


EU news

EU institution press releases, calendar and events, statistics etc.

You are always welcome to contact the Office for Contract Training and Projects for help navigating among the many financing opportunities.

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