Seventh framework programme - FP7

A major European research initiative

The EU is a major financier of European cooperation in research and development. The largest EU programme is the seventh framework programme - FP7 - which runs from 2007 to 2013. FP7 provides support for research in selected priority areas. The purpose of these funds is to ensure that European research achieves or maintains a world-leading position.

EUR 53 billion

The total budget for the Seventh Framework Programme 2007 - 2013 is about EUR 50.5 billion and the budget for the Euratom nuclear research programme is EUR 2.7 billion - an increase of 37 percent compared with the Sixth Framework Programme.

Open to many

The programme is open to many different types of organisations: universities and colleges, large and small enterprises, research institutes, municipalities and county councils, regulatory authorities and national research financiers, individual researchers and others. Projects usually must involve cooperation among several European countries as a requirement for participation.

Four main areas

FP7 is divided into four main areas:

  • Cooperation
  • Ideas, ERC
  • People
  • Capacities

Most of the budget is allocated to ten thematic areas found in the Cooperation section.

- Important information for FP7 applicants

In order to apply for FP7, Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH) uses the electronic application form EPPS, which requires a "Participants Identification Code" (PIC). All organisations that participate in FP7 have their own unique code. When you enter an application with the BTH code, the basic information about BTH is automatically entered.

Each participating organisation also has a Legal Entity Appointed Representative (LEAR). This person is responsible for ensuring that correct information about the organisation is registered, is kept informed about applications and distributes the organization's PIC code to applicants within the organisation.

Contact BTH's LEAR, Eva-Lisa Ahnström to gain access to the BTH PIC code and to obtain support and assistance with your application and contract negotiations.

Read more about the Seventh Framework Programme on the VINNOVA website about Europa programmes:

FP 7 in brief

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