Applying for project funding - the application process,
step by step

Everything starts with an idea | Contact with advisor | Negotiation | Approval


 Everything starts with an idea

glodlampaNo project becomes viable without a strong original idea. Applications can be based on either new initiatives or extensions of ongoing research. Potential partners can be found already during the initial phase, but usually the work of finding partners begins in step two and during contact with the advisor.

 The project concept can also come from the outside; in other words, Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH) is invited to participate in projects initiated by other parties. Do you want BTH to act as coordinator, or initiate a project that another party coordinates? It may also be relevant to participate as a partner in projects that someone else has outlined. Naturally it is important to determine the viability of the project, as well as whether it is in line with BTH's focus and development.

 The stages in an EU project, or other types of project, are usually the same, whether you are the initiator or are invited to participate. Of course less work is initially involved with participation for the person who is invited.

Please contact us at the Office for Contract Training and Projects during the early planning stage for potential future projects. We can help with the entire process, from concept to completed project.

Contact with advisors at the Office for Contract Training and Projects

It is important to find the right programme and activity for your particular project proposal to determine whether your idea is consistent with current programmes. Potential partners may need to be screened and reviewed.

 The application date must also be verified and all materials needed prior to the application process must be downloaded. Documents that are usually required include:

  • Policy documents
  • Work programme
  • Guidelines
  • Evaluation manual
  • All parts of the application documents with instructions

Then it is time to calculate the budget and the business department can provide helpful advice. You have to choose a budget model, be aware of which expenses are allowed, calculate social security contributions, etc.

 Formal documents from future partners must be gathered and all formalities concerning the application must be processed before submission.

 Our project advisors look forward to listen to your ideas.




If the commission is favourable in its initial review of the application, it is time for negotiation. Next follows what is often a rather intense period in which new documents are reviewed, formal information is submitted and in most cases the project description must be modified. Partners must remain in communication throughout the process.


For research projects under the EU's seventh framework programme, FP7, you need to prepare for final negotiations, which are then carried out in Brussels. Adjustments to the budget and specifications are usually necessary.




Soon it will be time to start the actual project, but first a few formalities remain:

  • Consortium agreement between parties must be drafted (a lawyer will help).
  • Financial reporting system must be set up (business department).
  • Project must be linked to a euro account if it is a transnational EU-financed project (business department).
  • Check deadlines for submission of financial reports and project reports.
  • Remember that all financial reports must go via the business department and the Office for Contract Training and Projects before they are submitted to the coordinator or financier ...and then you are ready to go...!

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