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Workshop about Participatory Design of ICT at IIT-M in Chennai 18-19 February 2010  

The aim of the workshop, which is being co-organized by IIT-M and Blekinge Institute of Technology, is to bring together industry, academia, designers and engineers in the field of ICT:s for a discussion on the role and methods of Participatory Design for ICT.

Read more about the workshop here (pdf file opens in new window)

Professor Timothy A. Gonsalves has been appointed Director of the new IIT Mandi in northern India

Professor Timothy A. Gonsalves, one of the co-founders of the TeNeT Group with which we are collaborating, and former head of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at IIT-M, was appointed Director of the new IIT Mandi in northern India on January 15th 2010.

Professor Gonsalves has visited BTH twice, first in the spring of 2008, and then again last autumn (2009), when he came to Blekinge to supervise two of the exchange students from IIT-M who were doing part of their master project in connection to on-going R&D here at BTH. He is also one of the co-organisors of the Participatory Design of ICT workshop which IIT-M and BTH are co-organizing at IIT-M, Chennai on February 18th-19th 2010.

IIT Madras team wins New York competition with smart clean tech proposal

An entrepreneur team from the Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT-M) has recently won an inaugural global business plan competition launched by New York City 2009, in which teams from ten leading international business and engineering schools in Europe, Asia and Latin America participated.

Greenext Technology Solutions is a clean-technology proposal that is pioneering specialized software and hardware solutions to utility companies, renewable energy producers, energy storage manufacturers and energy traders. Their product, XEstor, serves as a common interface to store energy from any source across New York City into large battery storage sites.

The product communicates with the electric grid and combines real-time consumer demand information with current energy prices to charge or discharge electricity into the grid. XEster thus can serve as a backup power source to bridge supply gaps and maintain the gird's reliability through ancillary services such as regulation and emergency response.

Read more about it, as published January 8th 2010 on (pdf file opens in new window)

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