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IndianwomenIn the India Project, which began in May 2008 and will continue until December 2009, contacts are being made and developed between Blekinge, Sweden, and a highly interesting growth area in southeastern India.  The India project focuses on the cities of Hyderabad, Chennai and Bangalore, which form a growth triangle in southeastern India. The area is one of the fastest growing IT and telecom regions in the world.

The project focuses on:

  • Facilitation of business contacts between India and Blekinge, within IT, telecom and technology enterprises
  • Research, especially with a focus on mobile e-services for citizens
  • Extensive exchange between students and teachers at colleges and universities in Blekinge and India and to take better advantage of the expertise that Indian students in Blekinge can contribute

As part of the project we are building a network of contacts, with offices in both Blekinge and India, which will provide support and advice to businesses, students and researchers who have contacts in India and Blekinge.

What can the India Project offer companies in Blekinge?

  • Practical matchmaking with companies in India - we have an on-site network in India to help. Fill in our corporate presentation template and we will make arrangements with contacts in India.
  • Information about partnering with Indian enterprises and about cultural differences; how do we do business in India?
  • Participation at our seminars. You can find them under the heading Activities/seminars (link).
  • Travel to the area in India on a trip that the India Project is planning for late 2009.



India is home to 1.1 billion people. IT and telecom are undergoing strong growth.

The percentage of mobile users is already very high.

The number of mobile subscriptions is increasing by more than 5 million - every month!

The majority of these subscribers do not have computers, so the mobile phone becomes the key to information and interaction with the rest of the world for both private individuals and businesses.



Other fields are also of great interest to Blekinge companies, including technology in a broader sense, IT products other than mobile applications and environmental technology.

The market is enormous. It is also very different than the market in Sweden. There is a fantastic potential for anyone who is willing and dares to invest here.

Venture capital is also available for development in India.

The India Project is a forward-looking initiative that offers a great opportunity to you as a businessperson.


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