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Picture of two giraffesThe India Project is run by Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH) and co-financed with regional funding. Partners other than BTH include:

Region Blekinge,

Blekinge County Administrative Board,

TelecomCity, Karlskrona,

Karlshamn Municipality,

Karlskrona Municipality,

Ronneby Municipality,


The India project focuses on the cities of Hyderabad, Chennai and Bangalore, which form a growth triangle in southeastern India. The area is one of the fastest growing IT and telecom regions in the world.

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"This concentrated effort will benefit the business community, research and education in Blekinge. We will expand contacts in India so that both small and large enterprises can take advantage of the collaboration initiative," says Professor Sara Eriksén at BTH.Region Blekinge logo

The project, which is co-financed with regional project funds through Region Blekinge, will make it possible for stakeholders to engage in a joint initiative in the region during 2008 - 2009 to develop long-term contacts and partnerships. Project participants currently include BTH, Region Blekinge, Blekinge County Administrative Board, TelecomCity, and the municipalities of Karlskrona, Ronneby and Karlshamn.Telecomcity logo

In addition to business development, the project will focus on research and an exchange of public e-services.

The goal of the India Project is to preserve and generate a substantial number of companies and jobs in the Blekinge region.

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 "We will support cooperation in business, education and R&D through business-based student projects in both Blekinge and India. We will receive delegations from India and Blekinge delegations will travel to the Hyberabad, Chennai and Bangalore region. In addition we will establish economic development agencies in both Blekinge and India," says Sara Eriksén.Karlshamn municipality logo

The origin of the project is a collaborative project financed by the Swedish Research Council/SIDA with the Telecommunications and Computer Networking (TeNeT) group at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT-M) in Chennai, India.

The project steering committee includes representatives of participating partners and an operating management team consisting of:

Eva-Lisa Ahnström, BTH, project leader for the India Project

Sara Eriksén, BTH

Sissi Sturesson, Region Blekinge

Brief information sheet about the India project           

Project application

For more information about the project contact:

Eva-Lisa Ahnström, BTH , +46 (0)709-72 87 20

Sara Eriksén, BTH , +46 (0)455-38 55 65

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