Picture of map over IndiaThe India Project

Blekinge in India - India in Blekinge

What do Blekinge and India have in common today? And, perhaps more interestingly - what might India and Blekinge have in common in the near future?

The India project in Blekinge, which started in May 2008 and will continue throughout December 2009, aims to develop contacts between the Blekinge region in south-eastern Sweden and a highly interesting area in south-eastern India, where the on-going industrial and economic expansion is extremely high, especially concerning the IT- and telecommunication industry.

The cities of Hyberabad, Chennai and Bangalore form a triangle, framing a geographical area within which Blekinge Institute of Technology has already developed cooperation with a number of Indian universities with distinct profiles in IT. A number of companies in Blekinge have also established contacts and cooperation with Indian companies.

Our trip to India 21-28 february 2009

On our Indenblogg you can see pictures and read about our experiences during our trip to India 21-28 february 2009.

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More about the project

The India project, which is being co-funded through the Blekinge Region, makes it possible for regional stakeholders to share experiences and make synergistic use of each other's established contacts in India in order to develop long-term contacts and cooperation. The participating partners in this project are currently Blekinge Institute of Technology, Blekinge Region, the County Administrative Board and the municipalities of Karlskrona, Karlshamn and Ronneby.

Besides the development of business contacts and opportunities, the project focuses on cooperation in research and development, especially concerning public e-services for participatory, sustainable development. A third issue for the India Project is to further deepen the exchange of students and teachers between Blekinge Institute of Technology and Universities in India.

Overall goal

In the project application the overall goal is formulated as follows:

" The goal of the project is to coordinate and enhance the efforts by different stakeholders in the region concering development of industrial, research and development related, and educational cooperation with this area in south-eastern India, and to broaden and strengthen the contacts with our Indian partners so that both large and small enterprises in Blekinge can benefit from the cooperation."

Picture of lady from IndiaActivities
Acitivities within the project include open seminars and workshops, the establishment of contact points/offices for cooperation in Blekinge and in India.
A trip to India in order to further develop contacts on the spot, and a qualified mutual exchange program for students, teachers and researchers.

For more information about the India project, please contact:

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