Indiska studenter som ambassadörer: tal av Eva-Lisa Ahnström 16 december 2009

I have the pleasure to welcome all of you to this reception so kindly hosted by Gunvor Engström, governor of Blekinge, and a true promoter of the cooperation between Blekinge and India.

My name is Eva-Lisa Ahnström, and I am project leader for the India project, Blekinge in India – India in Blekinge. Educational cooperation between Blekinge and its cooperation partners in India is part of this project.
The India project is more than that, and I will tell you a little bit more about the India project initiative.

But, first of all I want to highlight the most important persons here today: all of you students that have come all the way from India to study and take part in exchange programmes at BTH.

Today we want to specifically pay attention to those of you that take part in Double Diploma Programme coming from universities in Andhra Pradesh and to other students that study at BTH.

I am also very pleased that representatives from IIT-M Chennai are here. Our cooperation with Andhra Pradesh has been ongoing for some years now and is very successful and quite extensive now.

Just take a look on all of you that have gathered here today!

Educational exchange with IIT-M Chennai has taken off during the India projects lifetime, in a very promising way.

Present today are also some of all those in Blekinge that are involved in the India project in one way or another: Among others representatives for partners in the India project that consists of Region Blekinge, BTH, Karlskrona, Ronneby and Karlshamns Municipalities, Blekinge County council and TelecomCity.

We also welcome employees from BTH that actively are working with students and research connected to India.

So, what is the India project?

In fact it is a unique concept for regional development through international cooperation. Usually you think of business and innovation when you speak about regional development.

In the India project we combine three fields to achieve real synergies:

  • education,
  • research and
  • business.

By combining activities within all three fields and focus on collaboration with India Blekinge seeks new levels of regional development. Education, research and business go hand in hand, for real.

We believe that business activities in both countries can be facilitated by encouraging companies to take part in research projects and – by use of students’ knowledge in India and Blekinge. You students can help us to build bridges.

As a result of the projects activities we are currently investigating the possibility to have a regional agreement for cooperation between Blekinge and Andhra Pradesh. Our governor, Gunvor Engström, will talk more about that in a while.

The reason for this gathering is that we, that are involved in the India project, would like to have a possibility to thank you students for coming to Blekinge Institute of Technology for your studies, to make sure that we can keep contact with you and to have you as ambassadors for Blekinge, Sweden, and BTH when you are returning to your home country.

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