Rural and peri-urban land administration in the SADC region

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The next programme will take place as the following: first phase in Malawi in May 2010 the next phase will take place in Sockholm, Sweden in August, 2010, phase 3 will take place in SADC region in October, 2010.

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The overall objective of the International Training Programme on "Rural and Peri-Urban Land Administration in the SADC Region" is to contribute to development and change processes within rural and peri-urban land administration. The Programme will contribute to:

  • Land Administration polices and practices in the participants' home countries that are pro-poor; flexible enough to meet changing demands and needs, that are characterized by gender equality, and are supported by the population in large.
  • Land Administration structures and systems that are accessible to residents in all rural areas, particularly to disadvantaged social groups - the poor, women, HIV/Aids survivors, internally displace persons and retuning international refugees.
  • Change processes that are in the direction of enhancing pro-poor and non-discriminatory land policies, environmental protection sustainable economic development and more effective land administration institutions.


The International Training Programme on Rural and Peri-Urban Land Administration in the SADC Region is a three-phased programme;

  • Phase I "Preparatory Regional Meeting"
  • Phase II "Training in Sweden"
  • Phase III "Regional Phase"

The Programme will take a wide approach covering cross-cutting issues related to Land Administration and the Programme will include study visits both in the region as well as in Sweden to Swedish Municipalities and Swedish Government Institutions at National and Regional level involved in Land Administration.

An important platform of the programme is the participants "Project Work". Each participant will prior to the programme select or design a development plan/process, reflecting urgent and crucial issues related to Land Administration from their home organisation. The "Project Work" will be ongoing during the entire programme and will in most cases continue after the programme has finished. Project facilitators will be available to support and guide the participants in their work.

Target Group

The training programme is designed for those holding professional positions with specific responsibility and authorization to develop capacity and knowledge within the field of Rural and Peri-Urban Land Administration in the SADC Region. The programme is geared towards participants with the mandate to influence decision makers within their own organizations Applicants from both governmental- and non-governmental agencies are welcome.

Closing date for applications: February 15, 2010


Contact for questions:

Address Hifab International AB

Rehnsgatan 20

SE-104 32 Stockholm, SWEDEN
Phone +46 546 666 84
Telefax +46 546 667 83


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