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The External Relations Office (EXR) within Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH) works with the promotion and co-ordination of the Institution´s activities within the areas of co-operation with the surrounding industry and society and internationalisation (EXR on the web).

The Office for Contract Training and Projects at EXR is active in:

  • Arranging international education and training programmes in telecommunications management and urban planning supported by Sida and in co-operation with the Department of Spatial Planning within BTH; Integrated Urban Planning and Hydropower Management.
  • Liaison between BTH and the Swedish society/industry in identifying and developing tailor-made competence programmes to meet today’s and future needs.

Partner for Integrated Urban planning is HIFAB International, a Management Consultant in International Development with a list of reference projects in over 100 countries. In the urban planning area we use the National Board of Housing, Building and Planning in Karlskrona, the Office of Regional Planning and Urban Transportation in Stockholm as well as various municipalities and city councils in Sweden.

Partner for Hydropower Management is Vattenfall Power Consulting.


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