Transition Strategies for Telecom Operators


Programme Objectives

The programme provides an overview of how to further develop business oriented operations and organize the restructuring process needed on a competitive and market oriented telecom market.  Different business models, tariffs, financing and pricing models will be discussed and formulated in order to reach profitability and survival on a competitive telecom market. Through market analysis and the exploration of different business alternatives related to mergers and acquisitions, the participants will formulate success factors applicable to their own environment.


The participants will, through different kinds of simulation, be trained in formulating business strategies, conducting market and risk analysis and developing investment programs needed to form a comprehensive business model for a telecom operator. The market analysis will discuss methods to evaluate business alternatives and through the due diligence process, enable the participants to formulate business strategies. The effect of migration process into a new information communication network built mainly on wireless technology will be studied, as well as analyzing its effect on changes in organization and methods of developing the competence needed.

Through the interviews with and visits to a number of operators of different kinds of participants will analyze, discuss and formulate business strategies and restructuring models. Business development through the formation of alliances and partnerships will be analyzed.  Financing through different of derivates and other applicable alternatives will also be analyzed.

  • Introductory module-telecom market-net based learning
  • Telecom market and business strategies
  • Telecom business simulation
  • Business strategies applied on the telecom market
  • Business development, due diligence, mergers and acquisitions and capital market
  • Telecom sector development, digital divide and governance

Target Groupe

The target groups are managers with at least 3 years of managerial work in an telecom operator, national or private. The applicants was requested to have relevant University degree (MBA or BsC). Applicants who have attended Sida courses in Sweden before will not be accepted. Excellent command in English language is necessary and certificate stating language level is necessary.


A good preparation is also to complete a netbased course on Telecom Market Policy.


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