The Cross-border workshops for 2010 are now finished and were very successfull. If you are interested to know more about them have a look at this article about the cros-border workshop in Klaipeda

Attend a cross-border workshop to support you in development of your project idea

Do you have a concrete project idea to be developed on a cross-border level?

Do you want to receive support of a panel of experts that will assess and develop your idea during a workshop?

If the answer for these questions is yes, then you should apply for participation in some of the cross-border workshops arranged by the Capacity Building Project. The workshops are prepared for the potential projects that have already identified ideas for development of projects within the South Baltic Programme.

How does it work?

Before attending the workshop you will be asked to send your project idea to the Capacity Building Project that will distribute it to the panel of experts. The ideas will be presented, discussed and examined with support of the experts. During the workshops there also will be time for hands-on exercises to improve your project description.

As the workshop will have participants from all over the Programme area it is also an excellent opportunity to find partners. The workshops will have a thematic approach to facilitate for better partner search.

Two cross border workshops are scheduled in late October 2010, to connect with opening of the 6th call within the South Baltic Programme. The call will be opened between October 21 - December 17. The workshops will be arranged as lunch - lunch events and take place in Klaipeda, October 21 - 22 and Gdańsk October 28 - 29. Two more cross border workshops are planned for spring 2011, but we highly encourage potential projects to take the opportunity to participate now to have the benefits of expert support for the 6th call in the South Baltic Programme.


You have to apply for participation and a limited number of prioritized participants (mainly newcomers* in the South Baltic Programme from smaller municipalities and NGO's) will have travel and accommodation paid for by the CAPACITY project. The application form for attendance is available at the Capacity Building Projects web site, the news section: . NOTE! If you are not registered as a Beneficiary already you need to registrer befor you can apply for attendance to a cross-border workshop.

The workshops will be moderated by Eva-Lisa Ahnström, Blekinge Institute of Technology in Sweden, who has a long time experience in development and implementation of transnational projects.

Important! Practical information:

  • Cross border workshops in Klaipeda, 21 - 22 October and Gdansk, 28 - 29 October will take place from lunch to lunch during the dates in question.
  • The workshops are free of charge for participants
  • There is a thematic division between the workshops to facilitate for active partner search for projects addressing:
    • Klaipeda: Thematic areas for projects aiming at:
      (According to measures in the South Baltic Programme, see: ):
      • 1.1 Entrepreneurial development
      • 1.2 Integration of higher education and labour markets
      • 1.3 Transport accessibility
      • 2.4 Local community initiatives
    • Gdansk: Thematic areas for projects aiming at:
      (According to measures in the South Baltic Programme, see: ):
      • 2.1 Management of the Baltic Sea environment
      • 2.2 Energy saving and renewable energy
      • 2.3 Sustainable use of natural and cultural heritage for regional development
      • and
      • 2.4 Local community initiatives
  • To attend you need to have a formulated project idea that is distributed to the project at least one week prior the workshop. The format of this will be presented to you after you have applied for participation.
  • In the form you apply for attendance, and can apply for reimbursement as well.
    • Reimbursement rules: A limited number of participants will have their travel and accommodation covered by the Capacity Building Project. Newcomers* to the programme are prioritized for reimbursement. Also the submission date for your application is one parameter that will be taken into account when we select who to reimburse.
  • You will have a final approval of attendance, and decision about reimbursement, in the beginning of October. NOTE! Preliminary approvals can be given earlier by the projects contact persons.
  • The organizers will provide you with information on chosen hotels, at a good price, for your accommodation during the workshop.

Do you need further information? Contact Cecilia Appelgren, or Eva-Lisa Ahnström, or the Capacity Building Projects contact person in your country.
Contact details, see:


* Definition of newcomer in the Capacity Building Project:

  • Organisation from the target group that has not been involved in the SBP projects before
  • Organisations from the target group that have been active in the SBP before but have failed with earlier applications
  • Organisations from the target group that have been PP in SBP projects before but now take on the role of LB.
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