Part of General Systems Theory (Bai, 40 p)


OBS: You can write in English, Swedish or both. It is allowed to have a dictionary like 'Svenska-Engelska Ordbok', but not philosophy dictionary of any kind.


Question 1: (20 p)


Explain the following concepts or methods:

1. Reductionism thinking

2. Systems analysis method

3. System synthesis method

4. A system and its properties

5. Information in relation to entropy

6. Structure of a cybernetic control system

7. Environment in relation to a system

8. Feedback in relation to stability

9. System viability


Question 2: (10p)

What is a decision situation (5p)? and what is a general process of making a decision according to rational model (e.g., according to Herbert Simon, 1976) (5p)?


Question 3: (10p)

Shannon defined three levels of communication problems though his model of communication is only about the first level. What are the three levels (5p) and what is his communication model (5p) (use diagram)?