Usability Engineering


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Usability Engineering

Example of a bad design for usability

Defining Usability

Typical Ways of Measuring Usability

Ten Usability Heuristics (1)

Ten Usability Heuristics (2)

Apple Mac UI Design Principles

Users and Designers’ Conceptual System

Designers Centred Design

User Centred Design



The PC Cup Holder - Example of affordness vs. constrains

Avoid Breaking a Metaphor

Cultural Constraints

Usability Engineering Lifecycle

1. Know the User

Categories of User Experience

2. Competitive Analysis

3. Set Usability Goals

4. Parallel Design

Parallel Design

How to Brainstorm

5. Participatory Design

6. Co-ordinated Design of Total Interface

7. Applying Guidelines

8. Prototyping

Dimensions of Prototyping

Techniques for Implementing Prototypes

9. Usability Evaluation

10. Iterative Design

11. Follow-Up Studies

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