About Baltic University Programme

BUP mapThe Baltic University Programme (BUP) is a regional network of about 225 universities and other institutes of higher learning from over 14 countries around the Baltic Sea Basin. BUP has been active since 1991.

The network focuses on issues of sustainable development, environmental protection and democracy – i.e. Education for Sustainable Development. The aim is to support the key role that universities play in a democratic, peaceful and sustainable development. This is achieved by developing university courses, and by participation in projects in cooperation with authorities, municipalities and others.

The main activity areas are:

  • Education
  • Research
  • Information
  • Outreach activities and applied projects

The network is financed by the Ministry o Education in Sweden, Ministry of Education in Finland, SI, Sida, Uppsala University, SEPA, Baltic Sea Region Programme 2007-2013, Erasmus IP and the universities in the network. The BUP secretariat is responsible for the coordination of the network and is situated at Uppsala University, Sweden.

For more information about Baltic University Programme see: www.balticuniv.uu.se


Contact us

Centre Director

Prof. Lars Emmelin
Tel: +46 455 385 310
e-mail: lars.emmelin@bth.se

National Contact Point

Prof. Lars Emmelin
Tel: +46 455 385 310
e-mail: lars.emmelin@bth.se


Pia Lindahl
Tel: +46 455 385 529
e-mail: pia.lindahl@bth.se



Courses at BTH

European Spatial Planning

Regional Development and Urban Planning

Strategic Leadership Towards Sustainability

Sustainable Product-service System Innovation

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