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The Swedish National Centre (NC) is located at Blekinge Institute of Technology in Karlskrona/Karlshamn. The NC is run by Prof. Lars Emmelin, Centre Director. The position as Contact point is currently vacant, to be appointed in August 2013. 

BTH is responsible for supporting the Swedish member universities in issues related to the Baltic University Programme. As a national centre BTH has the responsibility for securing a good flow of information within the Swedish network through different means - digital communication, national conferences and other forms of dissimination.

During the first two years as Swedish National Centre, BTH has worked on strengthening the Swedish university network and establishing a close cooperation between member universities on issues of joint interest.

If you as a Swedish BUP university have suggestions on what the NC should focus on, how we could improve the support given or how we could create an active and strong network please contact us at BUP Sweden.


Contact us

Centre Director

Prof. Lars Emmelin
Tel: +46 455 385 310

National Contact Point

Prof. Lars Emmelin
Tel: +46 455 385 310


Pia Lindahl
Tel: +46 455 385 529



Courses at BTH

European Spatial Planning

Regional Development and Urban Planning

Strategic Leadership Towards Sustainability

Sustainable Product-service System Innovation

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